‘Values are not what we put on paper; they’re what people do and how they feel doing it.’
– Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.

There has never been a time in which values-based culture was more important and more relevant to the performance and productivity of every organisation.

Values at work Ltd is focused on encouraging a powerful transformation in organisational performance by creating a common understanding and getting total buy-in to cement the whole system of people into a determination to deliver.

A culture development project has to be designed for a particular organisation, but is likely to include the following elements:

  • assessing existing and desired cultural mix,
  • coaching on desired change,
  • facilitating change in cultural mix
  • facilitating identification of values,
  • facilitating statements of behaviours,
  • facilitating implementation of the values and behaviours,
  • assessing training and development needs
  • providing or arranging training and development,
  • re-assessing culture to evaluate impact.

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